Industrial Brushes
We are dealing in Industrial Brushes, which are used for cleaning rust as well as oxide. These are also apt for metal finishing, defuzzing wood panels, light deburring, and denibbing plastic.
Boiler Pipe Brush
Offered Boiler Pipe Brushes are used to clean the flue on a reservoir. These can safely remove the soot and wreckages from the boiler flue and have been designed and engineered for boilers cleaning.
Roller Brushes
Roller Brushes we offer differ from the round brushes by quality of their combined shafts. These have wide-ranging demands, exclusively in terms of shaft proportions and can uphold a stock range.
Textile Brushes
Offered Textile Brushes can soak up large quantities of dye. These are applicable for filling in areas as well as watercolor painting. These brushes are firmer than silk brushes.
Glass Washing Brushes
Offered Glass Washing Brushes are ideal to have in all bars. These have soft, yet hard-wearing bristles that will completely clean as well as sanitize all common bar glasses with twisting motions.
Pharmaceutical Brush
Pharmaceutical Brushes are applicative for an assortment of pill production functions. These are also used in rubber as well as latex product production. These are designated for their specific uses and also prevent cross contamination of yields.
Floor Brushes
Offered Floor Brushes are made with hard-wearing polypropylene PET quills that enable greater scrubbing action and can also be utilized as the profitable floor cleaning brushes. These are applicative for various cleaning purposes.

"We can provide customized Size, Shape and Length of brushes as per the requirement of Buyers and price may vary as per the Specification"